About the U7+ Alliance of World Universities

2022 cote d'azur u7 summit

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The U7+ Alliance is an international alliance of university presidents who engage in both discussion and concrete action by making commitments that universities may take to address the most pressing global challenges in a multilateral context. It is the very first alliance of university presidents aimed at structuring and advancing their role as global actors across the multilateral agenda.

In the context of this alliance, university presidents will take stock of their unique civic and social responsibility as global actors and pledge to take concrete action within their institutions for a local, regional and global impact. The founding members of the U7+ Alliance have agreed to meet yearly for an annual summit to discuss a common agenda and establish a space for universities’ action in today’s global landscape.

For more information about current U7+ activities, visit the U7+ Secretariat site, hosted by Northwestern University.

U7+ Statements: